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  • Premises Liability

    “Premises Liability” generally refers to accidents that can occur due to the negligent maintenance, supervision, or unsafe and dangerous conditions present upon property owned by someone other than the accident victim. Most states, including Florida, have laws that require landowners or those who occupy land, whether used for business or personal reasons, to maintain the property in a manner that does not injure visitors.

    Premises Liability cases often involve several different types of claims, including slip-and-fall claims and negligent security. Generally, a slip-and-fall accident occurs when a defective condition, foreign substance or other object causes a fall. However, the fall alone is not enough for recovery.

    To prevail in a suit, the injured party must also be able to show how long the defect or substance was at the site of the accident, how visible it was, and how much notice the owner had of the dangerous condition prior to the accident. Premises Liability cases include incidents of negligent security, especially when a serious crime or attack occurs that could have been prevented through better security conditions.